Simplify your supply chain.

About Final Mile

We pride ourselves on providing a secure Final Mile solution that supports your business and customers. Our extensive network of Pelipod boxes and lockers are within 15 minutes of most engineers, helping them access spare parts closer to their home or work location.

We’ve leveraged the scale of our UK- wide estate of over 5,000 locations to provide a final mile solution which is more convenient. The winning combination of our BT locations, delivery storage products from Pelipod and our final mile delivery capabilities from Supply Chain means you can:

  • Increase engineer efficiencies
  • Reduce vehicle mileage, fuel spend and carbon emissions
  • Reduce van stock inventory through the certainty of our deliveries
  • Increase customer satisfaction from a reduction in missed appointments
  • Have better employee engagement from your engineer communities
  • Have better visibility of deliveries and collections made

Quick facts:

  • Our sites are within 15 minutes of most UK engineering communities.

  • Able to operate autonomously, Pelipod boxes and lockers can be placed anywhere.

  • At the end of its life a Pelipod box and locker is almost fully recyclable.

  • Each box and locker collects valuable insights every time deliveries and collections are made.